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Vermitechnology Unlimited is a grower and supplier of Red Worms (Eisenia foetida), European Night Crawlers (Eisenia hortensis), worm farming and composting supplies. The European Night crawler is the best bait worm available and the redworm's appetite is perfect for composting. We supply wholesale to bait shops, pet shops and distributors nationwide or you can order retail directly from us. Don't miss our worm growing products and supplies for home, school, and commercial composters. Vermitechnology Unlimited is your source for:

  • Redworms
  • European Night Crawlers
  • Egg Capsules
  • Worm Feed
  • Shipping and Packaging Supplies
  • Lawn and Garden Cultures

In 1986 we decided that we needed to help find solutions to growing environmental concerns. Worms can be used to compost almost any organic material from leaves to agricultural wastes to filtration plant sludge and our services and product were a natural solution to this growing problem.

Established in 1975, VermiTechnology Unlimited has become a leader in the vermicomposting / vermiculture industry. We are more than just a worm farm! Based in North Central Florida, VermiTechnology Unlimited manufactures Pure Black Castings™ and other natural plant foods derived from worm castings. Supplying products that perform beyond comsumer expectations at unbeatable prices, we have been satisfying wholesalers, distributors, retailers, growers and hobbyists throughout the United States.

Our services and expertise have been used all over the United States and the World. We have provided materials and consulting services for everything from helping establish manure composting for some of California's large farms to establishment of a vermicomposting faciltiy in Baku, Azerbaijan. We have taken on the task of educating children about the benefits of returning organic waste back into the soil to replenish our earth's nutrients and minerals without the aid of chemicals.